Friday, March 2, 2012

When Pigs Fly.... or at Least Behave!

 More evidence and news about the ugly frankenfoods. This one is from an interview on Infowars with an interview on documentary maker Seeds of Change. The behaviors seen in animals after consuming GMO corn is very similar to behavior seen in humans, especially children. They are agitated, diseased, and lethargic.... sound like your neighbors? Once removed, after several days, the pigs and rats behavior was reversed. And yet the FDA says it's totally fine for fine in fact we don't even need to label them. These crops are designed with DNA from other species to make them resistant to pesticide and bugs. What do you think it does to a human body? I'm not saying that GMO research should be abandoned completely. I'm saying let label it, test it, trial it, report it. We can find a solution, but the GMO's we have today clearly cause issues.
Natural News GMO Video

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