Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The ACTA is up in Europe, fingers crossed.

This is a evil monster step-brother to SOPA & PIPA, which is a vaguely written draconian bill concerning the Freedom of the internet and the flow of information. Basically, see the picture up above... I could be arrested and severely fined for using it. I wanted to include a picture for visual appeal to my link. I Photo Googled- EU lawmakers in Guy Fawkes mask. Technically speaking that's intellectual property. ACTA is much worse, because it is international. Signed by the European Union, it was written behind closed doors under a veil of secrecy. It is HUGELY IMPORTANT that people are aware of this and use their a voice to stop it. These bills are not sincerely about protecting intellectual property. In my opinion they are dangerous to citizens, poorly written to effectively accomplish what's needed without infringing on rights, and oppressive.  Don't take my word for it....when people in high positions start resigning in disgust over it and lawmakers show up wearing Guy Fawkes masks... then you KNOW there's a problem. ----->   and

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