Friday, January 6, 2012

Death of farmer with Alien Food

Have you ever heard of Monsanto? If you haven't, you're asleep....tune in. Monsanto is a ridiculously greedy and evil corp who basically have used their money to buy our judges resulting in unhealthy and unfair practices concerning FOOD. Here are just a few interesting facts: Monsanto was the maker of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Monsanto has been allowed to patent life. They've created a Genetically Modified Organisms, which combined with part of a real seed make up approximately 94% of soybeans sold today. 15 years ago it was roughly 4-7%. They have managed to do this because through what many people believe is corrupt practices influenced the laws. Even if an American farmer says HELL NO to growing any GMO crops, when natural seed drift happens, Monsanto forces the farmers to pay dearly, or close their farm. If you want to know more the best thing you can do for yourself and loved ones is watch the documentary FOOD INC. either via streaming or You Tube. Watch the whole thing, start to finish, and get mad. Then start the process of turning a critical eye to your food, shop locally.
270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto

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